Providing hope for orphans and impoverished children through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Committed to feeding, educating and helping to provide for the basic needs of the poor.  


Christian Education

Since BCA’s inception in 2011 it has been committed to an education that is distinctly Christian. God is the author of truth and foundation for every bit of knowledge passed from teacher to student.


Feeding Program

We feed hungry minds and hungry bodies at BCA. “Bethlehem” means “house of bread.” Bethlehem Christian Academy is committed to feeding both the physical and spiritual needs of each student. 



Agricultural Garden

Zambia is largely still an agrarian culture. Basic skills in this area are a must for students in the village. Many families at our schools grow vegetables to feed their families. Skills in understanding and managing this can have immediate results for families.



Vocational Training

Many students will have the opportunity to go on to college after graduating from BCA, but not all. Many students will opt for vocational training. BCA vocational training will concentrate in three areas. Computers, hospitality and agriculture.



Impacting a generation of children in Africa.